We are a company specialized in providing instrumentation solutions for non-destructive and destructive tests, usually based on image analyze:  thermography, visible image and high speed video, even with associated environmental simulation and synchronized with data acquisition for scientific and industrial applications.

Some of our knowledge areas are the following:


o Climatic chambers and environmental simulation (temperature, humidity, corrosion, rain, ice, ...)

o High speed and high resolution thermography

o Multispectral thermography

o Thermography for industrial process control and maintenance

o Thermography for non-destructive tests NDT

o High Speed and High Resolution Video

o DIC imaging correlation

o Filming of high luminosity processes (welding, cutting, ...)

o MiniLDV


o Laser illumination

o LED lighting

o Wiring and instrumentation installations

o Automation and testing machines

o Piezoelectric sensors: Pressure, acceleration, and force

o Optical motion analysis

o  Inertial motion analysis.

o  Machine vision.

o  3D scanning.

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